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  • Bluestem Soaps & Sundries

    Bluestem Soaps & Sundries

    Our body care products are made with natural ingredients. We only use plant based oils for our soaps and lotions and essential oils to scent. No chemical preservatives or synthetic fragrances are used in any of our products. We pride ourselves in making worry free soap, lip balm, lotion, deodorant and laundry soap. Please enjoy going back to the basics but with elegance.
  • Grandma's Soap

    Grandma’s Soap

    Grandma's Soap is a six-generation tradition passed down from mother to daughter in our family over the past 150 years in Iowa. We have continued to use the old-fashioned pioneer soap process and recipe for personal use in bathing and laundry soap. Our original recipe soap is fragrance and additive free, naturally moisturizing and gentle on the skin. All soaps are aged to ensure quality and safety for delicate skin. This soap is wonderful for sensitive skin or conditions such as acne or rosacea simply because there are no irritants found in many commercial products today. We use nothing else on our own daughters. Our laundry detergent is compatible with HE machines and is also fragrance and additive free.
  • NearBayou


    Why purchase something made with unhealthy chemicals when you can have the best at a reasonable price?

    NearBayou Laundry Soap is 100% vegan and made with all-natural Castile soap. We believe in locally bought goods and services. (CLICK ON PICTURE FOR MORE)
  • Soyphisticated Candles

    Soyphisticated Candles

    Soy candles by Soyphisticated Candles are made in Mason City, Iowa, with natural and renewable soy, cotton wicks, fine fragrance oils and essential oils. There is NO paraffin or beeswax used in Soyphisticated Candles' soy candles. The sophisticated fragrances from our soy candles carry beautifully throughout your home- they are exotic and enticing. We use wonderful premium fragrance oils in our soy candles, as well as make true aromatherapy soy candles using 100% essential oils.
  • Those Crazy Goat Ladies

    Those Crazy Goat Ladies

    We are Kim Wills and Robyn Kruger also known as Those Crazy Goat Ladies from rural Sibley, Iowa. We are two country girls who enjoy the rural way of life. Each of us raise a variety of Dairy goat breeds. We began making soap as a hobby several years ago from our own goats milk. We started out making it for family and friends and after much positive feedback about the soap we started a small business and began selling the soap at Schafer's Health Center in downtown Worthington and the Iowa Lakes Farmer's Market.